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The Chicago Northside Storage Wine Cellar, a self-storage company, offers a great location to store your wine collection. Our wine storage cellar is a secured place for people to store their personal vintage collections without taking up space in their own homes, places maintained at the proper temperatures and humidity for aging wine properly. With twenty years in business providing Chicago wine storage for individuals, restaurants, wine clubs and investors, we have developed a reputation beyond our little corner of the world, gaining customers from fifteen states as well as several foreign countries. For premier wine bottle storage, contact us today.

Wine Lovers, take heart…

There's a more scientific and civilized way to store and even age your finest vintage wines than stashing them in the basement or back of the refrigerator and hoping for the best. Our storage units are controlled for temperature, humidity, vibration, and ultraviolet light, which creates the ideal conditions for storing wine.

We currently serve over 700 wine storage customers from 35 cities in the Chicagoland area, 15 states, and seven countries. Store your wines with us, and join the thousands of businesses and individuals that have discovered the best kept secret in the wine industry for the past 20 years.

Wine evolves in the bottle...and matures to its under controlled conditions

The Chicago Northside Storage Wine Cellar features conditions created especially for the proper chilling and nurturing of wine. Read more about the role of the various factors and how Chicago Northside Storage can help protect and age your wine collection.

Temperature - Wine should be held at a temperature which assures its proper rate of maturity. It is generally agreed that around 55'F is the optimum temperature for wine storage. Lower temperatures slow development, higher temperatures age the wine prematurely. The Chicago Northside Storage Wine Cellar refrigeration equipment is engineered with a state of the art environmental control system designed to maintain a temperature of 55'F year-round. This climate control is completely independent of the building's system and automatically adjusts via variable compressor capacity as warm product is brought in for storage. Electronic monitoring equipment is remotely connected to the management office to ensure our wine cellar is under constant temperature surveillance.

Humidity - Proper humidity is also important to the storage of wine. Too high a humidity will encourage molds to develop and damage labels, too low a humidity can cause corks to dry out. If that happens, the wine will inevitably spoil. The Chicago Northside Storage Wine Cellar maintains a relative humidity of 60% to 70%, which is considered to be ideal for wine storage.

Vibration - Constant vibrations can upset the equilibrium and normal development of wine. Wines that are shaken are believed to throw off their sediment too soon. The Chicago Northside Storage Wine Cellar is built like a fort, free from street and traffic vibrations.

Light - Ultraviolet light can be harmful to wine if exposed for even brief periods. The Chicago Northside Storage Wine Cellar eliminates all natural light.

Lockers - The chart at right illustrates some of the more popular sizes of lockers and their capacities, but larger lockers are available on request. Rates vary by location and size availability so please call for the most current rate information. All lockers are rented on an annual, pre-paid basis

Security - Our primary concern at the Chicago Northside Storage Wine Cellar is security. In our building, tenants drive up to the dock, pass through an attended security area, and proceed to their lockers. Elevator service and carts are provided for convenience. Arrangements may be made for your wine supplier to deliver directly to the Chicago Northside Storage Wine Cellar, and the wine will be held for your arrival in a secure area in our wine cellar. Security T.V. cameras and intercoms are monitored from the management office.


The Chicago Northside Storage Wine Cellar provides the optimum conditions for the storage and quality control of wine that has achieved its maturity or that may require aging. We have customers from all over the Chicagoland area, as well as all around the world.

Individuals - Those who purchase wine for their own consumption in the near or distant future can greatly benefit from wine storage. Many people store wine on a rotation system. The idea is to buy fine wines upon release and store them properly to maturity. Great vintages can be purchased before they have matured, then stored until ready for consumption.

Investors - Investors selling their wine to other consumers can benefit from the optimal storage conditions Chicago Northside Storage offers. Since wine has joined art and antiques as a collectible, demand for the best wines outruns supply by a wide margin . Articles advocating investments in wine have crept into the financial sections, extolling the status and wealth fine wines can bring their lucky owners. (Note: if requested, a certificate describing our temperature/storage conditions can be provided)

Restaurateurs - The large size of Chicago Northside Storage lockers greatly benefits restaurateurs who cannot easily or properly store wines on-site. They can buy in quantity in order to take advantage of special discounts and store their excess stock in the optimal conditions provided at Chicago Northside Storage.

Wine Clubs - Wine Clubs that choose to pool their resources to purchase in quantity for club members future consumption.


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At The Chicago Northside Storage Wine Cellar, we strive for the highest possible level of service for all of our customers. Our managers are here to serve you and help assure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible.